Tastings from EuroPantry

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with EuroPantry, this Friday and Saturday Victor Churchill be holding tastings in store of their sublime range of products.

Friday 24th June 12pm – 4pm
Saturday 25th June 12pm – 4pm

Usually reserved for the pantry of our country’s finest chefs, EuroPantry’s highly sought after range has, until now, only been available to the Australian food service.

However, this weekend they will be sharing with Victor Churchill customers their range of the finest quality, specialty products made by European artisans. Partnering with honest family businesses from around Europe, they bring the tastes of Italy, France and other gastronomically gifted countries to those within Australia.

Prahran Market Jars

Aceto D.O.P Traditional 12yr Old Balsamic Vinegar 

Made for generations by a small family just outside Modena Italy according to their secret recipe and governed by a strict regulation body. Their 12 year old balsamic vinegar has an amazing complexity of flavour that explodes in the mouth and lingers at the back of your throat like a great wine. The syrup texture is achieved by the vinegar being aged and never reduced. The aging process takes place in 7 types of timber barrels (oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry, pear, juniper and acacia), each one contributing to the flavor, colour and texture of the balsamic by releasing its aroma into the vinegar and making it “unique”.

Adored by both chefs and food lovers alike.

Truffle Paste

With EuroPantry’s truffle paste it makes it possible to elevate both simple and complex dishes to another level. An essential pantry ingredient to fill a house with happiness and love or to impress your guests at a dinner party.

Salsa Tartufata

A delicious and pungent mix of champignons and Black Summer truffles 8% and contains no olives or breadcrumbs.

Cream of Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle.

A unique blend of Italian Porcini mushrooms and 11% White Italian truffles.

Either can be paired with steak, poultry, tossed through a pasta or risotto, stirred through mashed potatoes, braised vegetables or a casserole, added to sauces or just combined with scrambled eggs.

winter at VC

Celebrating 140 Years Of  Butchery

Established in 1876, our humble Queen Street butchery, the oldest continually run butcher shop in Sydney, has provided an array of exquisite culinary delights to local residents and connoisseurs of fine food alike for generations.

140 years inside store

140years Windor black and white


A sweet treat at Victor Churchill

PurePops MiniPack (004)

Hand-crafted on the sunny Northern beaches in Sydney, Pure Pops contain no artificial flavours or preservatives and use delicious seasonal fruit ensuring maximum flavour and keeping the sugar content to a minimum.

Included in the fun flavour range are dairy and gluten free options and Tropicalia is sweetened with organic rice malt syrup for a low GI alternative to sugar. Many of the dairy free options are 99% fat-free and under 80 calories.

They’re a 100% natural frozen treat and available at Victor Churchill this Summer.

Elegant entertaining at Victor Churchill


Whether entertaining for a large group of family and friends, or a few select guests, let Victor Churchill elevate your summer entertaining to new heights. Come in store to talk to our friendly staff about what we offer for entrée’s, mains and desserts.

To start, a charcuterie plate will be certain to impress. We have an inspiring selection of artisanal cured meats on offer, sliced to your specifications with something to tempt all palates. We stock crowd pleasing, sweet San Danielle Prosciutto, fragrant and richly flavoured Truffle Salami and the unmistakable Wagyu Bresaola. Combine these with a selection from our house made Terrines, Rillettes and Parfaits, finished with cornichons and serve with Iggy’s bread.

Make a magnificent piece of meat the centre of your meal. Summer is barbecue season and we stock a range of cuts that will make you the master of the barbecue. We have an exceptional range of cuts of pasture fed, grain fed and Wagyu beef. We have beautiful pasture fed lamb and the amazing Kurobuta rare breed pork.

As for something to finish, we have a selection of tarts and desserts showcasing the finest seasonally available ingredients alongside Executive Chef, Romeo Baudouin’s classics.